...Yahoo went a little loco!

We weren't supposed to be featured until July, but we couldn't be more thankful to Bobbi and her team for the opportunity.
Unfortunately we're not up and running for online orders, yet.

Because we know that you're as excited as Bobbi is about Me Muffins, EMAIL US and
we will send you a one time email with a 50% discount code for a Me Muffin 6 pack.

Summer starts today, your healthier self starts now!
Johnny Mace

THE NEW SITE IS UP AS OF 10 AM TODAY, 6/25/14....But it takes up to 24 hours for DNS to point correctly, so if you are
seeing this...hold on, and check back soon for the new and improved store site.

Full site coming soon, 6/25/14 @ 12 Noon EST.


Handmade in small batches.

What's in them:

Wheat Free, Rolled Oats
Organic Whey Protein from Grass Fed Vermont Cows
Organic Banana
Organic Pumpkin
Wild Maine Blueberry
Organic Pineapple
Pastured, Free Range, Gluten Free Feed, Egg - Farm Fresh from Spencer, NY
Himalayan Pink Salt
Saigon Cinnamon

and the baking tins are gently painted with a touch of...
Organic, Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

What's not in them:

White Sugar

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